Throughout the Pages is for discussing my own findings/thoughts about various romance novels (and talking about the romance genre)...  and I'm curious to see where this will take any of my creativity...  Of course, this means more reading and more writing.

I post reviews to both this blog, Throughout the Pages, and Goodreads.  I am currently aiming to do two reviews a month.  (If it's a book that I'm proofreading/editing, I'm probably not going to review it.  I might leave a minor comment about it - or do the star rating on Goodreads, but that's about it.)

These reviews are my honest opinions.  It might contain some negative comments.

RATINGS for Throughout the Pages

As I read and write more, I will fine-tune/develop this rating system and find a way to properly tie it into the blog’s theme.  For now, I like NOT having a rating system on the blog - just discussing what did/didn’t work, thoughts, etc.

RATINGS for Goodreads

5-star = A = Precious sleep was willingly sacrificed.  My usual 1-hour public-transit commute felt like 5 minutes in paradise.  I probably got really pissy or stabby if anyone/anything interrupted my reading.

4-star = B+ = I was surprised and entertained, perhaps even laughing out loud at some points.  Other priorities were moved around so that I could finish reading.

3-star = B/B- = The Main standard.  This is the benchmark.  Before I read page 1, I am expecting a 3 star (B/B-) book.  Enjoyable and easy to read.  I liked it:  It was a good romance, and I liked the HEA.  Above average.

2-star = C+/C/C- =  It was Okay.  Some parts might have irritated me a bit (or a lot) - like a cat being pet backwards.  Other parts were probably just un-memorable or not as interesting.  I found myself saying “UGH!” out loud, more than once.

1-star = D/F = Didn’t enjoy reading it, and I wouldn’t recommend it.  Lots of swearing out loud and looking at the book with a “WTF-face”.  I probably felt completely mislead by the synopsis/summary, or I had to keep saying, “Ok, 5 more pages...” before finally getting fed up.


(and random disclaimers)

This is a personal weblog, therefore the opinions expressed here represent my own.  (I am NOT paid to post to Throughout the Pages - cagirlindc.blogspot.com.)  Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to this blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.  (Thank you for visiting!)  

Be aware that some material on this blog is not suitable for minors (and/or close-minded and/or immature people). 

Reviewed books have been paid for by myself (the reviewer) and not provided for free, unless otherwise stated. If I receive an ARC (advanced reader copy), I will note it either in the post or in the Tags.  Receiving a free copy of a book does not influence my review.

Back in December 2012, I started to freelance at Heroes and Heartbreakers for a while (an online romance community from Macmillan Publishing) and I was compensated for any contributed posts.  I am not restricted by Macmillan and I am not told to promote for them.  (I was totally frickin' psyched though, because H&H is a really fun site to visit with a great online community!)

The pictures used here are not mine unless otherwise stated - and I use a whole lot of animated gifs that I find throughout the internet.  (My profile photo is from a PSA poster back in 1961, for the National Library Week.  The title pastel heart pattern, I created myself at COLOURlovers.)

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