About Me

Name:  Jena Briars

Currently in:  ...the wild wild WEST (the state that's untouchable like Elliot Ness)

...and I feed my brain romance novels (among other things)...

Books:  ...Obviously romance.  The gateway drug to my reading addiction was The Baby Sitter's Club series, quickly followed by R.L. Stine's horror teen novels (Fear Street, anyone?).  Assigned reading from school got in the way.  After high school and college (read: when I had free time) I fell in love with reading even more... To see more just visit me on Goodreads.

Random List O' General Interests (in NO order):
Film / Documentaries
Dogs (& my cats)
Coffee & Tea & Sparkling Water
History (U.S.-Great Depression era, Military, Tudors, Renaissance, Popes & Jesuits, Civil War, California)
News & Current Events
Special Agent Dale Cooper's "pie and coffee" obsession/scenes from Twin Peaks
Lithography & Block-printing
Nail polish
Lectures (only the really good ones that captivate you and make time fly)
Bird Watching (especially birds of prey)
NHL Hockey

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