February 2017 post - BOTMC, Chilling Out, and Lisa Kleypas!

What's going on for February 2017:

I did a re-read of Scandal in Spring (by Lisa Kleypas) for Heroes and Heartbreakers ...

(original cover from my first-print edition has totally gone to shit - need to get a new copy)

...in order to help prep for Lisa Kleypas' latest masterpiece - Devil in Spring (out February 21, 2017!)

I consider Devil in Spring to be Wallflower Series #5 - even though everything else says "Ravenels #3" - if it's involving Evie and St. Vincent it's Wallflowers!

I'm also loving my latest BOTMC book - The Posssessions by Sara Flannery Murphy - I just know it's going to be a movie someday.

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