Recap: 2015 was still way better than 2014

I get the feeling that 2015 was crazy for everyone. Seriously.
I can't think of one person who is like, "Eh, 2015 was just ho-hum... no big deal."
I mean big Changes (capital C, either good or bad) - overall, HUGE.
Luckily for me, I can say it's been good. (**knock on wood**)

Busted my butt all year, aaaaaand I'm back in California at warp speed
Time to get back into my books and writing.
Time to get more sleep and be healthier. 
(Yes, I can actually get 8 hours of sleep each night. Instead of only 4.)

Ultimately, I feel that this will end up changing the blog URL, description, theme, etc.
And maybe I can perk up the design a bit more (like I've wanted to do since... 2012).

My Goodreads challenge... Could I read 25 books before 2016?  No.
For the 2016 Goodreads challenge, I made it 10 books (it gets lower every year). SHAME. Remember when I thought I could read 50 books in one year, no sweat? LOLz. Nope. Maybe when I was 22 and late night reading was a major thang. I figured 10 books would allow for one book per month, but NOT November and December (because all schedules plummet into insanity after October 1).

Yes, my DNF philosophy is still cutthroat (hence, NO books in the 2015 challenge - and let's just say a LOT of books didn't make the move with me) and I'm even starting to think that I WON'T review/post about average books. Reviews and blog write ups will either serve as praise for AMAZING books that I loved or warnings against those that I hated. If it's just an average romance, it'll go to Goodreads with just an average rating.

NB: Every Mercury Retrograde in 2015 was just as bad... especially that one in May. Lots of ugliness, that one. But that one during October has been... interesting... Lots of reflecting on the past and previous ideas (such as the blog and revisiting writing)... it's been trippy. In a productive "get your act together" kind of way, not like a "prepare to get punished as I wreck your shit" kind of way a la the past retrogrades of 2015 and 2014.

Time to look forward into 2016:
Finish up reading/reviewing those manuscripts (on time)
Start drafting/revising more (is 1k words per week too much to ask?) for anything - not just fiction.
Utilize the library (and first, get a library card)
Updating/Revamping the blog (see above)