Monumental Monday!

I'm busy with reading, writing, working, etc.

The Washington Monument in D.C. is back open after the renovations from the August 2011 earthquake!

I've noticed architecture on romance covers before (esp. D.C., SF, Italy, Paris, or Sydney) and the Washington Monument always reminds me of this Harlequin Desire that I have waiting in my TBR list!

"What happens in the elevator, stays in the elevator, right?"  (Not if you're Jay-Z...  Too soon?)

Trapped between floors with his spitfire employee, media mogul Liam Crowe can't control the chemistry. First, Francesca Orr is calling her new boss names in the boardroom; next, she's kissing him! Now Liam has some choice names for Francesca: fiancée, maybe even wife. Because the only way to keep control of the scandal-plagued news network he's just acquired is if he settles down, and Francesca is perfect fake-fiancée material. But when she goes along with the plan, things get real—really fast—because there's nothing fake about Francesca….

Check out the excerpt from Amazon:
Figlio di un allevatore di maiali.
Liam Crowe didn't speak Italian. The new owner of the American News Service network could barely order Italian food, and he was pretty sure his Executive Vice President of Community Outreach knew it.
Francesca Orr had muttered the words under her breath during today's emergency board meeting. He'd written down what she'd said—or at least a close enough approximation-in his notebook so he could look it up later. The words had fallen from her dark red lips in such a seductive way. Italian was a powerful language. You could order cheese and it would sound like a sincere declaration of love. Especially when spoken by the dark, exotic beauty who'd sat across the table from him.
And yet, he had the distinct impression that he wasn't going to like what she'd said to him.
HINT: The opening line in Italian literally translates to "Son of a pig farmer"... 

But "Maiala" itself is sooo offensive - so of course, after reading the first line in Target, I threw the book in my cart right away, with the legit hope that Harlequin Desire got the swearing-in-Italian translations right!  
And that was a year ago. This will be the first book off my TBR list.

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