So Tough to Tame (by Victoria Dahl)

The Mac n' Cheese of romance reads.

Comfort food contemporary read.  Will not disappoint and there's no crazy ingredients to upset your stomach/taste buds.

So Tough to Tame by Victoria Dahl

Conflict  Reputation ruination and soulmate salvation.  The reputations were already ruined in the past, but it's still a fresh concern (and arguably - at one point, every character in this novel has a moment where he/she is concerned for his/her reputation).  The soulmate salvation isn't as "drastic" as that seems (as if it would be for a paranormal) but Charlie Allington and Walker Pearce reconnect and fall in love at just the right time in their lives. Timing is everything, eh?  They've definitely got it, because they were both unhappy and now they've got their HEA.

What I loved:
  • Average guy hero
  • Organic writing-style; feels like you're there talking to a friend - real language
  • Again, it's just a really GREAT contemporary read. I can recommend this to any one of my female romance reader friends and I'm pretty sure they'd really enjoy it.
Why do I empathize with this heroine?  Charlie is the sort of girlfriend you really want to help out.  She has been dealt some bad cards with the jerk relatives, psycho bosses, and scumbag exes, but she is still smart and doesn't let any crap keep her down. Never once did I feel frustrated with her. She has the strong enough emotional intelligence to look at her past, move forward from that, and focus on her present situation adjusting to life back in Jackson Hole. And she champions the hero into following his passion, and well, it's so refreshing just to read a book about genuinely good couple (despite all their mistakes) finding their HEA, not in a saccharin overdose sort of way either.

Overall:  Victoria Dahl has a new fan in me. Christ, is she funny! I've never been to Jackson Hole, but this one makes me want to go, and I'll pick up the remaining books in her Jackson series, also.

Jackson Hole, WY: Lookin' all rustic and wintery
(Sadly, not my pic - it's from some Visit WY website or something.)

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