Intro to October Update

What I've been up to in the past two months:

Since the beginning of October, I've been trying to reach that healthy balance between the "non-fun" and "fun" (grown-ups call this the "worklife balance", but it simply does not exist).

Writing for Heroes and Heartbreakers has been the best respite from anything "non-fun" and "non-life", so on to more blogging and reading!
  • I was fortunate enough to do a First Look review for Mary Jo Putney's Sometimes a Rogue (Awesome!) which came out in late August.  Mary Jo Putney has a new fan in me!  To date, this is the most action-packed historical I have read (and I know there are more out there); our heroine is kidnapped in the first chapter -- and then -- she pukes on the bad guys.

  • Talking about bathrobes ... in romances. Like bathrobes - that ratty towel-thing hanging on the back of your bathroom door... it's in your romances.  Whenever there is a bathrobe, boning love is sure to follow.

And my TBR challenge is still suffering, along with my GoodReads challenge (four months behind, holy crap)... but I'm working on it.

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