Baby's 1st M/M romance: Cut & Run (by Urban & Roux)

In honor of DOMA being ruled unconstitutional by SCOTUS, I'm finally getting around to posting my 2013 TBR Challenge book (from LAST month - *hangs head in shame*) - and HOORAY!

Overall, politically speaking, I personally don't care which side of the bread you butter your toast - I just want people to be happy and have HEAs.  (And now Urban-Roux can work on a super HEA for our heroes.)

(WARNING: Heavy amounts of M/M rom-angst inside!)

Cut & Run by Abigail Roux

Conflict: extreme M/M rom-angst plus a serial killer is on the loose... (I can't call it friends-to-lovers since Ty and Zane really weren't friends to begin with...)

I already mentioned this one for Heroes and Heartbreakers, but I'm giving it a stand-alone review because --good Lord almighty this has tons of rom-angst.  I'm reading along, thinking, "Wow, Urban-Roux gives good suspense..." and then a few chapters later, I'm thinking...

...this is still a romance novel, right?

But in a GOOD way!  Cut & Run did such a great job of keeping me invested in all the plot angles (and so stressed over what was going to happen) that I can certainly see why they have a huge underground legion of fans (aka "the Minions") and why my friend Alicia Obsesses with a capital "O".

Ty is a combat-veteran former Marine (super elite force recon, so his unit was the big swinging dick of the USMC, etc.) and now he's the brilliant FBI Special Agent tough-guy.  And he's HYPER-observant, so any sudden movement means your ass is getting pounced!  Then there's Zane who is more introverted/book-smart and clean-cut, but he's got a super dark past (mostly involving his tragically-deceased wife and his "habits").  They are oil and water.  So they don't exactly "mix", but they're a perfect duo!

We have the following:
- bombs
- homoerotic tension
- lots of "classified" stuff
- drugs
- guns
- loads more homoerotic tension
- more drugs and alcohol
- prostitutes
- and [highlight for slightly spoilierish]:  I will NEVER think of  POE the same way again. Ever.
- the psycho-est of all serial killers
- homoerotic. tension.

In case I can't make the homoerotic angst any more clear/apparent.  Imagine if you could bundle up and concentrate all the intensity and drama of your most obsessive high school and/or college crushes - into a super potent extract - and that is like the heart-crushing feelings between Ty and Zane.  It's kind of a bromance too... I remember feeling really concerned that even as work-partners, Ty and Zane weren't getting along.  And I'd feel all stressed out that someone hurt someone's feelings, and it was just odd - as if I demanded them to get along better, and be more cooperative, because they were co-workers.

All of it just worked so beautifully.  For my first M/M rom-angst (romance?) it was superbly completed with a HFN (happy-for-now) ending.  But like I mentioned above, maybe we can get some M/M wedding bells for Ty and Zane...

Things I loved:
- "Alcoholics don't recover"  (Shattered my heart into a million pieces to read it, but it's true.)
- Ty's got his Ka-bar.  (Every Marine loves his Ka-bar.)
- "crazy ass recon boys" with their dragon skin body armor  (They can be pretty cocky.)
- USMC tattoo
- "You're a big softy" = Viagra in the coffee
- "something highly alcoholic that looks like water" = Wednesday night special

Overall:  I would recommend this to anyone interested in reading an M/M - or to see what an angsty M/M is all about.  (Or for fans of suspenseful who-dunnits, splashed with lots of homoerotic tension.)

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