Top Ten Tuesday! - Books When You Need Something Light & Fun

Oh shit, I need this right now. This Top 10 category could not have come a better time. When the news is completely abysmal and it looks like the 8th plague of Egypt is about to ruin the start of your summer, grab something light and fun to read. Judging from my Top 10, light and fun = books that made me laugh.

My Top Ten books when I need something Light & Fun...

1.) Agnes & the Hitman - by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer - **GOODREADS FAVORITE**

2.) Don't Look Down - by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

3.) Getting Rid of Bradley - by Jennifer Crusie  (Yeah, I like a lot of Crusie.)

4.) The Wicked Wedding of Miss Ellie Vyne (#2 - Sydney Dovedale series) - by Jayne Fresina.

5.) What I did for a Duke - by Julie Anne Long - **GOODREADS FAVORITE**

6.) Can You Keep a Secret? - by Sophie Kinsella (Technically, not a romance, I know - chick-lit or women's lit, etc. - whatever we're calling it now...)

7.) The Idiot Girl's Action Adventure Club - or anything by Laurie Notaro (Again, not a romance - it's "creative" non-fiction/short-stories, but when I want LOLs ASAP - Notaro delivers.)

(Wow. I really don't have a lot of "light and fun" books. Time to look back into that Everest TBR pile!)

8.) One Night, So Pregnant - by Heidi Rice  (I will never get tired of that ridiculous title.)

9.) Dog Days - by Elsa Watson (Nothing says "light" like turning into a dog and falling in love with a Vet.)

10.) The Chocolate Thief - by Laura Florand  (Someone steals chocolate in France + romance)

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