H&H post! -- Military Romances and the Veteran Hero

Wrote a post at Heroes and Heartbreakers about military veteran heroes in romances.

Before this, I never realized that A LOT of the heroes in my romances were veterans (with a few active military). Even some of the historicals and Kleypas books on my shelf.

Also, I plan on doing some more blogging on said veteran heroes in my romances - and I've discussed this with my RomVet writer-friend, Taylor Reynolds, who participated in a panel discussion at last year's RWAs:
Not Every Man in Uniform is a Navy SEAL! Developing Military Characters to Steal Readers' Hearts.  (Brilliant!)

And I pumped to add in my military romance TBR list - Forgive & Forget by Heather Ashby 

"He is a gentleman—and an officer. Aware of the code against fraternization between officers and enlisted, Hallie hides her Navy status, hopeful she and her secret will stay hidden..."

Two things I immediately liked:
1 - This is sounding like some juicy complicated "so-wrong-it's-right" conflict - so sign me up!
2 - AND... a military heroine!?! Conflict, tension, drama - it's going to happen!


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