Top Ten Tuesday! - Spring 2013 TBRs

The Broke and the Bookish has a Top Ten Tuesday Meme - every Tuesday is a different Top Ten List, and this Tuesday it's:

My Top 10 To-Be-Read books for Spring 2013 

1.) Lost in Italy - by Stacey Joy Netzel - LONG overdue TBR, and currently reading this one (so far, so good) - tourist heroine in Milan is saved by action-star hero.

2.) The Things She Says - by Kat Cantrell - "Her Knight in a Shining Yellow Ferrari" - tow-trucker heroine gets the road-trip of a lifetime when the Greek director hero's Ferrari breaks down in small-town Texas.

3.) Highlander Most Wanted - by Maya Banks - Highlander warrior hero with captive heroine.

4.) Decadent Dreams - by A.C. Arthur - Baker heroine in Chicago falls in love with coworker hero.

5.) At the Highlander's Mercy - by Terri Brisbin - Highlander warrior hero with captive heroine (v2.0).

6.) Family Pictures - by Jane Green (Women's Ficiton - since we're not calling it Chick Lit anymore?)  A startling drama of double-identity and two women trying to put the pieces of their lives back together.

7.) Secret of Ella and Micha - by Jessica Sorensen (New Adult? / Romance) - "Friends to lovers" with bad secrets from the past popping up.  (Goodreads is telling me that this is also "New Adult" - so it's a steamy YA?)  There's a 17+ recommendation warning which gave me a good laugh.

8.) Too Hot to Handle - by Victoria Dahl - "Good girl goes bad"; museum curator heroine gets a dream job in Wyoming, and then decides to go after her hero.

9.) Lover Reborn & 10) Lover At Last - by J.R. Ward (these will be crammed back-to-back and I will be brain-dead for those few days) - This also collides with Super Wendy's TBR 2013 Challenge for March 20th - Series Catch-Up: pick a book from a series you're behind on.  (Black Dagger Brotherhood!)

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