Top Ten Tuesday! - (or how to drown yourself in books)

The Broke and the Bookish has a Top Ten Tuesday Meme - every Tuesday is a different Top Ten List, and this Tuesday it's:

Top 10 Series I'd like to start, but haven't yet...
(*or series I need to finish*)

  • Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series - My friend Alicia's (current?) favorite series.

  • Tessa Dare's Spindle Cove series - It's going to happen.  I already have the first two books.
    (RITA Award 2012! w00t w00t!)

  • Julie Anne Long's Pennyroyal Green series - I've only read What I Did for a Duke (#5) and A Notorious Countess Confesses (#7), (both are *frickin'mazing* btw!) but The Perils of Pleasure (#1) is waiting on my e-reader... (Full Disclosure:  I'm scared for starting this one, because it will take over my mind until I'm done, and then I'll be clawing at my face waiting for Olivia's story...)

  • Kate Noble's Blue Raven series - One of Lori's favorites, which she recommended to me the first day I met her reading Revealed (#1) on the Metro.

  • Celeste Bradley's Runaway Brides series AND Heiress Brides series - her Liar's Club and Worthington series are my crack.

  • Courtney Milan's Brothers Sinister series - The Governess Affair made me cry, and I couldn't think about hair pins the same way... *swoon* 

  • Nina Rowan's Daring Hearts series - Another one that going to happen because I already have the first two books.

Yes, this is NOT IN RANK-ORDER  (so I know it's not a "true" top ten - but honestly, rank-order this?!  Bish, be serious!  Whittling this down to ONLY 10 was difficult enough.)

How to drown yourself in romance novels:  Buy a bunch of really amazing books for great deals (and also impulsively blast through use gift cards) resulting in a monstrous TBR pile.  This is like going to the grocery store (or worse yet, Costco) when you're hungry.  Damn.

(I love how I started this post like, "Oh! A Top Ten list.  Neat!  This will be five minutes...
but after looking at my actual TBR list on Goodreads, and the books already in my e-readers,
and on top of seeing everything I *want* to read that's not already published...)

If you find Hermione's Time-Turner necklace thing - just let me know.

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Bebe Knight said...

The Dark Hunter series is definitely worth a read, especially if you are into vampires/mythology. I skipped a few, seeing as there are so many, but I have more than half of the series on my shelf.