Top Ten Tuesday! - "must buys" now collecting dust

My Top Ten books that I just *had* to buy,
but haven't read (yet)...

1.) Once a Princess & Silver Angel - by Johanna Lindsey

2.) Knight in Shining Armor - by Jude Deveraux

3.) Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake - by Sarah MacLean
(Picked this one up for Felicia Day's Vaginal Fantasy book club - then left said bookclub due to headache of being in bookclub with 100+ readers in one chat.)

4.) First Lady - by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
(Wanted to read this for the election year. Then I remembered how insanely busy election years in D.C. are.)

5.) Bitten - by Kelley Armstrong
(Strongly recommended by my cousin's super-cool girlfriend, who I am convinced is this author's #1 fangirl.)

6.) Perfect - by Judith McNaught

7.) Goddess of the Hunt & A Night to Surrender - by Tessa Dare

8.) The Duchess War - by Courtney Milan
(The Brother's Sinister series went on my auto-buy after reading The Governess Affair.)

9.) The Shadow and The Star - by Laura Kinsale

10.) Her Best Worst Mistake - by Sarah Mayberry

Doing these Top Ten lists (if only once per week) forces me reflect on my own romance collection and reading habits. While some of these can arguably be considered "classics" or "must-reads" (core curriculum of Romance 101) - others were strongly recommended or impulse-buys.

Looking at all the unread books in my possession is forcing me to buckle down on one issue:  The DNF

If a book is sucking (not just sucking time - but the plot and pacing really suck), I need to declare it a "DNF" for "DID NOT FINISH". No more wasting time on sucky books.

- If I attempt to read it multiple times, and I still feel like passing out after three pages - DNF.

- If it's not holding my interest after 50 pages - DNF.

- If a character (hero/heroine/supporting-character) says/does something severely offensive to me to the point of no redemption (which is rare) - DNF.

Too much precious time is being wasted, and more DNF'ing will allow me to finish other series and books that I've already paid for... (which stem from the previous Top Tens).

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