Sort of 2013 TBR Challenge - March Series Catch-Up

Ok, I didn't do an update for Wendy the Super Librarian’s March TBR Challenge 2013 last week (Pick a book from a series you’re behind on) because I can’t write a review for this one (at the moment). However, it's the one series I’m most looking forward to catch-up on... J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. Lover at Last is coming out tomorrow, Tuesday (3/26). Oh, who am I kidding, it really comes out tonight at midnight, right? And I can’t WAIT. Romancelandia’s paranormal community (and it’s twittersphere) has fangrrrl’d HARD for this one. Qhuay’s story. M/M romangst. It’s happening.

I’m predicting that I’m going to need some recuperating after this one... so much angst and action. 
(Does anyone else ever feel that way? I feel like that’s just me. Such a wuss.)

Perfect timing for me to return to another series I need to finish - Nora Roberts’ Savor the Moment (#3 in the Bridal Quartet series). I put this in DNF on Goodreads (on a shelf I labelled "I just can't") because there is almost zero conflict, and even though I’m over halfway done with the story, I still pass out after three pages. Every time. No joke. 

And it’s about food. Foodie food food! One of my favorite topics. (Shit, the entire first-world's favorite topic!

I liked the first two in the series, and I was looking forward to this one the most. I wanted to like it so badly. But it was just meh. Teppid porridge. Maybe I can tolerate it a bit more after Lover at Last - similar to how some super fancy Michelin star restaurants give you a tiny spoonful of light sorbet to cleanse your palate between meals/tastings... yeah, maybe Savor the Moment can cool me down and bring some balance to the romance feast.

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