YOU'RE in the wrong decade.

Working on my post for the TBR Challenge 2013 - January was for "short" books/stories - perfect for the 66 page novella I read, right?

Well, I had to give it 2 stars on Goodreads, and I mentioned that I would do a fuller review on my blog.  *sigh*  Everything was going okay until I got to this gem:

"...made him realize that she was quite possibly the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen
(even if she wasn't blond with blue eyes).  It very nearly took his breath away." - pg 44

What the fuck.

This very nearly took MY breath away.  No, really.  I completely closed out of the nook app on my android phone, took a few breaths, randomly looked around (to nowhere in particular) with the "WTF" look on my face - and then I had to psych myself up to re-open the nook app and continue reading.

Because we know who also favored blondes with blue eyes, right?  (Hint:  It's starts with "KNOTS" and ends with "ZEES".)  Did I miss the part about the hero ONLY preferring to court Aryan princesses?  Why did I have to know this?  Is our hero that selective?  The first 43 pages told me that he was sort of an "equal opportunity employer" when it came to seducing women.

This is where I will mention that I have described my hair and eyes as "shit-brown" before... but it's actually more of a chocolate-y espresso brown (which I dye religiously) and my eyes are more of a dark hazel or brown with goldish-green flecks.  So there.  And normally, I really don't care if the hero prefers blondes.  But I've never read anything along the lines of "blonde with blue eyes only".  Maybe I'm just too sensitive... but it is NEVER appropriate for me to think of fascism, eugenics, or brunette-dissing in the same context/thought with the hero.  EVER.

Am I overreacting? (Yes, I am, right?)  OK, full post to come...

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