New Releases! (Celeste Bradley 1/29 and Lisa Kleypas 2/5)

I've been fortunate enough to read two awesomesauce ARCs to kickstart my 2013... (both with REALLY innocent/regular looking covers - but start reading and GOOD LAWD, these are some steamy books!)

Crystal Cove (by Lisa Kleypas) was one of them - THIS is the steamiest Kleypas novel to date.  Trust.  I would bet all my chips on it.  Steamier than Lady Sophia's Lover and Devil in Winter.  Let's put it this way... if anyone is going to describe the Japanese art of super-erotic bondage (Kinbaku) in their romance, you REALLY want it to be Lisa Kleypas.  'Cause it'll be FRICKIN' HOT.  

(Hint: Pintrest will show you "nicer" results for Kinbaku instead of Google Image Search.)

The other ARC was When She Said I Do (by Celeste Bradley) - a big massive thanks to Celeste for this one.  My marginalia and annotations for this one are insane - scribblings and underlines everywhere - and lots of "!!!!!!" on every page.  Since starting this blog a couple months ago, I've read romances thinking, "Ok, this will wrap up nicely... another HEA! YAY!" - but I simply didn't want this book to end.  And I haven't honestly felt that way in a long time.  Usually, I'd just burn out and take a break about three books into a series.  Or I'll get distracted by the next new release, or I'd just pick up the next book in the TBR pile.  But this time, I was so desperate for re-experiencing Ren's story, I started picking up (and combing through) the Liar's Club series again - looking for ANY mention of Ren's history.  *Sigh* Never wanting it to end.  Romance novel honeymoon phase?  

Yup, when you find a great romance novel, that sounds about right.

Due to the Inauguration buzz and recent freaky weather in D.C. (ice storms? wtf? any day now "White Walkers" will be invading) including all sorts of annoying commute-delays - it's been shitty-hectic at work.  But full reviews to come soon, and remember:  DO NOT let these covers fool you.  Hotness throughout the pages.

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