Escaping into My Romances

Revised a post for Heroes & Heartbreakers this weekend, then retreated into my romances.  
Didn't want to read Christmas Conspiracy.  (Too violent at the moment.)  
Did not turn on the TV.  Avoided all news.  

Visited Jane and discussed romances.  She's all, "Oh, I think I've got a romance novel around here somewhere," and then homegirl pulls out a first-edition copy of Jude Deveraux's Knight In Shining Armor (with the Old Skool cover). Color me impressed.  A lot of romance readers have that on their Desert Island Keeper list.  I downloaded the book to throw-in to my Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge.  (Maybe 50 books?)

Another bright note:  I was lucky enough to receive a free copy (as a gift from the author herself) of HelenKay Dimon's We'll Be Home for Christmas.  (I had a mini-fangirl moment at work and had to collect myself with controlled breathing.)

So many more books to finish for the 2012 Holiday Reading challenge...  I'm hoping I can finish 5 more books before 12/24.  The flights between D.C. and Cali should help with that, not including when I'm awake with any jetlag early in the morning.

Going to hit the hay with my nook, and I can't wait to see my family for the holidays.


Wendy said...

Knight In Shining Armor is a book either readers love or hate (you'll understand this after you read it!). I read it as a teenager some *cough, cough* years ago, and at the time I loved it. Complete with deep swooning sigh. I doubt I'll ever reread it though, since I suspect it wouldn't work nearly as well for me these days. But in that tiny piece of my teenage brain that I have shoved off in dark corner? I have fond memories.

Jena Briars said...

Those reading memories are the *best* though! And I feel like I have to read Knight In Shining Armor. I've never read a Jude Deveraux, and isn't she considered one of the "cracktastic" classics?

Wendy said...

LOL! I haven't read Deveraux in years, and she's one of those authors I almost WANT to go back and reread, even if I'm afraid she won't "hold up." There's a food fight scene in one of her Velvet books (Velvet Angel, maybe?) that rocked my pre-Super-Librarian teenage world back in the day ;)