The Wrong Bed (...They Wrote Back!)

I previously mentioned (in an asterisk) that I would email Harlequin to ask what the "Wrong Bed" label meant in their Blaze series of romances...


Hello!  I read my first Harlequin (Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly).  What is the wrong bed series, and why is it called that?  Thanks!
Hello Jena,

Thank you for your inquiry.

There are more than 50 Wrong Bed books. Each book opens with the hero and heroine in bed early on in the story. However, they either don't know each other, or they know each other and hate each other. In Leslie’s book, she ends up with the wrong guy, not the one she thinks she’s bidding on at the bachelor auction.

If further assistance is needed, please contact us.

I think it's the "more than 50 Wrong Bed books" part that surprises me... so after looking at that google image-search results (for harlequin blaze wrong bed) - I had a good chuckle looking at all of the covers, however, there were three (not in the Wrong Bed category, of course) that IMMEDIATELY jumped out to me:

1 - This one, obviously:

Yes, that is clearly the wrong bed.

2 - This one (from "The Player's Club") because it has San Francisco's most wonderful Golden Gate Bridge (at night!) in the background, and pretty much any image of that bridge will instantly catch my eye and make this Cali girl's heart swoon:

Judging by the look on his face, I'm sure Lincoln doesn't care if he breaks his own rules.

3 - This one (from "Uniformly Hot" - yes, I showed Mike, and we laughed) because it has D.C.'s Capitol Building (also at night!) in the background, and since I see the Capitol Building all over the D.C. area, it's another American architectural wonder that catches my eye:

Christmas MALE - get it?  Like mail - but it's "male" because he's ... alright, moving on.

I guess HQ's response classifies "Wrong Bed" pretty well.  Plus, the fact that a person responded back (not putting her name to respect her privacy) makes me like Harlequin more now.  They really do (truly) have some awesome contemporary romance covers.


Bebe Knight said...

Wow, thanks for checking up on this! Pretty awesome that someone got back to you too. What makes me slightly worried though is that there's a whole series with 50 books where people end up in the wrong bed.... I'm sure it brings the lolz :)

Jena Briars said...

Hey Bebe! So true. There were some pretty good lolz moments. And I got scared at the "or they know each other and hate each other" part - WHAT?!? But to be honest, I was impressed, because imagine a romance conflict where you're thinking "there's NO WAY the author can write her way out of this" and then she does, near the end, AND IT WORKS for the story! I might give another "wrong bed" a try (after checking out some reviews) to see if it's the same roller-coaster reading experience.

Poirot said...

haha!!! Too funny! I LOVE these covers! They were cracking me up especially your comments beneath. Christmas male! bahaha. Though my favorite is the first. I love it! awesome blog!!!