November Reading: 3 for book clubs + 1 for the Brady Bunch

I finished Lover Mine (by JR Ward) and Slow Hands (by Leslie Kelly) - which was a free Harlequin Blaze book - I think it's less than 200 pages (and I think it's free for e-readers).  More on these two coming up.

Here's my current reading list for November (and I don't believe I can finish this by 11/30 - but hey, a girl can dream, after all we did get an extra hour last night...)

A Notorious Countess Confesses (by Julie Anne Long) - YES, PLEASE!  I'm reading her series all out of order, and I don't even care.

Whispering Rock (by Robyn Carr) - already mentioned in the 10/29 post - want to finish this one in time for the Christmas book.

Study in Seduction (by Nina Rowan) - The heroine is a math genius.  It got thumbs down from SBTB, but thumbs up from Dear Author.

Loving Lady Marcia (by Kerian Kramer) - I only bought this one for the cover and the title, and the tagline is what really caught my attention... it's parodied after the Brady Bunch.  No lie.  (The House of Brady.  Everybody loves Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.)  Please, please, please let there be football-to-the-face scene... "Hey, you guys... - OH MY NOSE!"

Season for Surrender (by Theresa Romain) - for the SBTB's November Sizzling Book Club pick, and apparently there are outstanding "library scenes".

The Inconvenient Duchess (by Christine Merrill) - another free book by Harlequin, which is also the November book club pick for Reading Until I Fall Asleep.

A Christmas Carol (by Charles Dickens) - for Book Whore's November book club.  I could seriously read this book out the butt.  Anyone in my nuclear family will testify.  I own all the movies, and I've watched them countless times.  I guess this one can't really count as "reading it", since I practically close my eyes and the story is constantly playing in my head.

I don't think I can get through seven books on top of work, exercise, Thanksgiving coming up, and trying to get more writing in for blog posts... but we'll see.  And of course, if the story is good enough - the timing is never an issue!  ;)

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