Obligatory Twilight Post: CHECK!

I first heard of Twilight (and the "vampire paranormals" sub-genre) in early 2006.  My initial reaction was:  Vampires?!  Oh, hell no...   I can barely handle the stress in time-travel romances.  However, within that same review, there was much discussion about J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood, so off to B&N I went... Per my previous post, I read Dark Lover first, and Twilight collected dust.

Fast-forward many months to November of 2006:  Freshly transplanted from CA to DC, and desperately trying to find a job, my daily routine involved waking up, applying for jobs online (and hopefully getting an interview), then reading to avoid a deep depression.  I finally reached Twilight in my TBR pile.  I was entertained.  I was hooked.  New Moon was waiting on my Christmas list (because eighteen bucks felt like a lot of money - unemployed, hence, no income).

Once I had my paws on a copy of New Moon, I decided to hold off reading it until Eclipse came out in July of 2007.  (I know. Never again.)  But then real-life drama decided to mess everything up, and without going into too much detail, it involved the absolutely heart-breaking illness (and eventual euthanasia) of an adorable much-beloved puppy... on the day that Eclipse was released.  To say, "It was traumatizing," is like saying, "Antarctica is a little cold."

The experience of reading Twilight was associated with being unemployed and a major life-transition, and then the experience of reading and finishing New Moon (and then buying Eclipse) was associated with the death of my adorable bulldog puppy.  Eclipse collected dust until November of 2007.

Nothing dramatic happened while actually reading Eclipse, but I shouldn't have to put a book down for three weeks and then pick it up again.  I was already confident that Bella was going to end up with Edward instead of Jacob.  Claustrophobia was starting to set in with all the characters whining or complaining about whatever.  I was very quickly starting to not care about the conflict.  Even worse, the middle of the story totally made me fall asleep!  (I never had to struggle to stay awake for the first two books - in fact, it was just the opposite - I had to force myself to bookmark the page and go to bed.  Around three or four in the morning.)

You know you're NOT into a good book, when...  You pass out... on a weeknight... fully-dressed... before you've even had dinner... (so basically, you're not sleep-deprived or naked, and you're hungry).

Overall, if I piggy-back off of Bebe's post...  I can't really say I was/am a Twi-hard.  (I introduced my friend Alicia to Twilight, and she definitely became a Twi-hard.)  My copy of Breaking Dawn is collecting dust...

I couldn't get past the second chapter, and I saw the movie anyway.  Yes, as campy as the movies can be, they're still comforting.  Like wearing crocs.  (No offense to any croc owners!)  And I still plan on seeing Breaking Dawn 2 when it comes out.  (Don't hate!)

(I'm just going to link the google-image search results for "twilight" for any twi-hards that need to see something Twilight-y right now.)


Bebe Knight said...

Yes, as campy as the movies can be, they're still comforting. Like wearing crocs.

That really does sum up the series to me too. I also introduce the series to me or two people who became twi-hards and I ow feel bad.

If you get a chance, check out RiffTrax. They are the makers of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and they have riffed all of the Twilight movies. It's quite hilarious!

Bebe Knight said...

Sorry, ONE or two people, and now I feel bad.... Silly auto correct...

J said...

Ah yes! I LOVED Mystery Science Theater 3000! I HAVE TO SEE THIS!

Victoria Smith said...

Let me just say that I LOVED this post, LOL. I too am not a Twi-hard and introduced the series to my sister who is now a Twi-hard, haha. I enjoyed the first 3 books and read them rather quickly, but the fourth took me quite a while. Ah, well. I can safely say my experience has been stellar overall, though, so that's good!