Obligatory Hurricane Sandy post

Hurricane Sandy is keeping everyone indoors...  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the power doesn't go out later on tonight/tomorrow.*  For now, I've got some massive piles of laundry in rotation, and I'm listening to the "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" piano station on my Pandora.  Other than that...


Keeping my e-readers charged.  Today, (and hopefully not into tomorrow, because I'm hoping Sandy isn't that bad) I'd like to finish the following (not to be distracted by Pintrest, Facebook, YouTubing, painting my nails, and my cat being cute and cuddly):

Lover Mine by J.R. Ward (BDB Book #8) - so far into the first few chapters, this one picks up right where we left off in book #7.  And do not doubt... if I've got my paws on a BDB book - without interruptions - it will be devoured within half a day.  (Mwwuahahahaha!)

Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly - this was a free e-book from Harlequin in a series called "The Wrong Bed", which kind of scares me, but for $0.00, I can't complain too much.  Time to see what Harlequin Blaze is all about.  (Only about 200 pages though, so I'm hoping it's not too bad for a quick contemporary read.)

Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr - this is book #3 in the Virgin River series.  The main reason I want to finish this one is so that I can read A Virgin River Christmas (book #4) in late-November/early-December.  I immediately got sucked into the Virgin River series - and then immediately pulled the brakes when (spoilerish - you'll have to highlight the text below) I got to the part about the heroine's brutal rape (by a serial rapist she tried to prosecute in court) in the first two pages.  After reading that first-thing in the morning, on my commute to work, I closed the book right there and said, "Holy crap, I did not sign up for this right now."  I switched to Courtney Milan's Governess Affair novella - which ALSO involves (sort of spoilerish again, sorry!) a raped heroine (dammit!!) but I'm not exaggerating when I say it was superbly written, and I so badly need to do a review for that one.  Hers is another series I will get hooked into.

Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts - Haha! just kidding I will never finish this one, because it's dragging on forever, and I fall asleep on the train every time I try to read more than a paragraph.  Why? - Why can't I love this one?!  WHY?!  I started this over a year ago! - And it's about food!!  WHY.

Ok, happy readings everyone.  To all my East Coast peeps - please stay safe.

*(I'm sure I'll get more scared as Sandy gets more serious...) Please don't be more of a bitch, Sandy.  
I already see that you've taken lives.  :(


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