More Books... and Bad Burritos!

I've mentioned Smart Bitches Trashy Books (SBTB) a few times, and yes, I am a fan.  The Sizzling Book Club Chat is excellent fun, and although I've only participated once, I'm already pumped for the next chat.

The previous book club chat was for What I Did for a Duke, by Julie Anne Long (also a Cali girl!) - and she actually joined us to discuss her next book, A Notorious Countess Confesses - which released today!

SBTB posted about a comment I made during chat - that I might "eat a bad burrito" the night before the book came out, and then I'd be home sick... Yup.  Just me, my e-reader, and the toilet... accidentally, of course ;)  Honestly though, I've never done this.  And I already get pretty bad stomach ailments, so I would never want to jinx this by taking a sick day - and then TRULY getting royally sick another day and suffering for it.  That's one of my worst nightmares.  For some TMI, let's just say that 2012 has not been a good year for me in terms of food poisoning traumas.  (I have officially broken up with Burger King.)

More importantly - judging from all the good feedback popping up so far (still less than 24 hours!A Notorious Countess Confesses definitely seems "bad burrito"-worthy!*

I want to start reading this tomorrow!  (Yes, I know, I rearrange the TBR list every other day.)  That's a total of seven books I want to complete for November (including the next Sizzling Book Club Chat book).  Hmmm...

*Maybe "bad-burrito"-worthy will be one of my book grades!  (Just kidding, sort of...)


Bebe Knight said...

I saw this this morning! Good job! :)

Jena Briars said...

Thanks Bebe! I'm also looking forward to the November book for your book club too - I have that ebook - The Inconvenient Duchess!

Bebe Knight said...

Awesome! I got it a few weeks ago and have had it on my que just waiting to be read :)