Addictive Romance Analogies (J.R. Ward)

Currently reading Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward.

I almost forgot that reading J.R. Ward is like free falling from space.

At first you might think:  "Whoa.  That is a lot of book... Hmm... 648 pages in 8 Times New Roman... Ok. Ok... we can make this work..."

And by the time you're done with the first chapter... There's no going back.

AAAAh!  What going to happen?!  THIS IS CRAZY!! Can't. Stop. Turning. Page!

The other romances, they can be like an amazing hike through [insert your favorite National Park/Wonder here] - and you can stop and have a picnic every once in a while.  Maybe revisit that one picturesque spot you loved, and camp out a bit.  Yes, it's a beautiful discovery to savor.

Not with Ward.  No.  There is no camping.  No stopping.  It's gripping romance/action/drama on every damn page!  There is no "Hmm, I'll just bookmark this here..."  When you're NOT reading a cracktastically awesome J.R. Ward novel (like if you're working - because you need health insurance/food/shelter, or taking a shower, or flossing, or sleeping for at least 4-5 hours, or someone is interrupting you) - you feel it!  You KNOW something is missing.  

Of course you keep thinking about the next available minute to go back to reading.  It's like a pressure on your chest.  Like you're racing to the top of the water to gasp for air.  "YESSS!  Sweet sweet oxygen at last, I can finally get back to the book!  I thought I would die without this!"

Ok, that is all.  Back to reading.

(pics of Felix Baumgartner's leap - from National Geographic)


DBookWhore said...

Oh gosh yes!!! Every minute spent not reading a good book is spent thinking about that book.

Bebe Knight said...

J.R. Ward is one of those authors that just sucks me in. I can't help but feel like her characters are real at times. It doesn't help that I live in the same area the Brothers "live". Every time she describes a road or store, I'm like "Really? Me and Rhage are driving down the same road?" LOL :)

J said...

So, so, so true. And I'm already running out of the house to get Lover Mine to read next, and then read Lover Reborn after that! :)

Bebe Knight said...

Don't forget Lover Unleashed! ;) I LOVED that book! Had a lot of V in it!

J said...

@ Bebe - I saw. I have the FULL list now. And this subplot w/ Lash and the lessers is just getting insane! Can't stop. (I need to take time to blog too!) I was thinking of posting an entry about the Heroines in the BDB...

Bebe Knight said...

That would be an excellent post, I can't wait to read it! They don't get enough face time in my opinion.