Update on Random Romance Happenings!

I blinked, and these past two weeks flew by.

In chronological order:

Watched Like Water for Chocolate (Como Agua Para Chocolate) on Hulu.  (Gertrudis is my favorite!)

Majorly binged on Downton Abbey with Mike.  He knew I loved me some Downton Abbey Season 1, but when he saw the first five minutes of Season 2, he said, "...what is this?"  There was no looking back.  After pausing and explaining a little bit, we finished Season 2 in one day.  (Thank you, Hulu!  Be quicker with Season 3, please...)

Started reading Virgin River by Robyn Carr.  Another gem, and I'm hoping to be hooked on the series!  The first chapter alone made me miss California something fierce.  Like a suffocating pain.  At every beautiful description of the NorCal mountain area...  Yup.  Romance is like that.

Finally caught up with all the SBTB podcasts.  Insightful.

Bought a bunch of NOOK books on B&N.com - oops.  (But they were bundled with reduced prices!)

Messaged Taylor Reynolds via GoodReads.  (She made some excellent points on the SBTB podcast #30 about the Veteran/Military Hero genre; Not Every Man in Uniform is a Navy Seal.)  I'm extremely looking forward to discussing romances with her.  She's already gave me great recs for Courtney Milan and creative blogging/writing/focusing approaches!  Yay!

And I discussed Fifty Shades of Grey and Sylvia Day's Bared to You in the middle of Target.  (More on this later.)

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