Romance (the genre)

I had a serious (albeit maybe semi-buzzed) talk with Mike... We ordered ONE DRINK to share at Joe's Crab Shack, and that was it since we had boxing the next morning.  And now that we're doing the boxing, any smidgen of booze tolerance that I once had is now completely gone.  Needless to say it's not even like a "fun" dizzyness but just insta-headache with a painful insulin surge.  But good gravy! - those Gone Fishin's taste RULL good! - and you get a Haribo gummy clown fish!  (If you're on any sort of no-sugar nutrition plan, obviously avoid these...)

Just like Nemo!  Sweet, delicious, tasty Nemo...

After telling him about reading romance novels (yeah, quite a few) and explaining where this all started, way back in the day (about a decade ago), Mike leans over the table to me with his great grin and whispers, "You mean you've read romances - aren't those like... soft-core porn?" (more teasing with raised eyebrows).  This launched a long-winded explanation of the genre and sub-genres, all their tropes in detail, and after much more storytelling and laughing - the brainstorming has begun!

It's absolutely mind-blowing to have such a supportive partner in Mike.  And he asked, "So why haven't you been reading more romances then?" Mainly because grad school took up a bunch of "free-reading" time and then I've got sucked into other books - as for 2012 it's been nothing but the Fire and Ice saga.  I also explained that I've met quite a few "genre-snobs" (the same people who have never fully read a good romance) which has sadly deterred me from any active advancement in reading more romance novels.  So it's only about two years worth of experience reading romances...

We confirmed, over one Gone Fishin', that it would be best to embrace the romance genre full on.

I'm thinking more along the lines of discussing my own findings/thoughts about various romance novels (and of the romance genre)...  and I'm curious to see where this will take any of my creativity...  And of course, this means more reading and more writing.

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