June 2017 post

What's going on for June 2017 (besides everything being an awful breaking alert):

I'm juggling way too many books,but these current reads are ALL UP IN MY CATNIP, helping me escape all the current bullshit going on (and great bathtub reading):

Alyssa Cole's An Extraordinary Union (The Loyal League #1) - heroine spy bringing down the Confederacy. Yes, please.
reading a sample/preview from a twitter/kindle link got me like:

 Mark Manson's The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life - b/c when I was so stressed about everything, it's kind of refreshing to sort out (real fast) all of shit I DON'T have to give any fucks about.

my approach to everything now: 

Michelle Visage's The Diva Rules: Ditch the Drama, Find Your Strength, and Sparkle Your Way to the Top - Fucking amazing...
 Here's the T:


February 2017 post - BOTMC, Chilling Out, and Lisa Kleypas!

What's going on for February 2017:

I did a re-read of Scandal in Spring (by Lisa Kleypas) for Heroes and Heartbreakers ...

(original cover from my first-print edition has totally gone to shit - need to get a new copy)

...in order to help prep for Lisa Kleypas' latest masterpiece - Devil in Spring (out February 21, 2017!)

I consider Devil in Spring to be Wallflower Series #5 - even though everything else says "Ravenels #3" - if it's involving Evie and St. Vincent it's Wallflowers!

I'm also loving my latest BOTMC book - The Posssessions by Sara Flannery Murphy - I just know it's going to be a movie someday.



Holyshitballs - 2016 WTF!!!

2015 and 2014 was like a cutesy fucking Disney ride compared to the fucktitude of 2016.  Goddamn.

As I close out this truly fucked year, with too much fuckery to list for accountability, and tons of it admittedly out of my control, I've at least read a few great books for my GoodReads challenge, but I still don't think it was even 10 books... that's how busy and fucked this 2016 has been.  I've even tried escaping into books, but then everything in my worklife and personal to-do list would've completely gone to shit.

I did get my library card though. It's the most gorgeous public library I've ever seen.

So long 2016.


Recap: 2015 was still way better than 2014

I get the feeling that 2015 was crazy for everyone. Seriously.
I can't think of one person who is like, "Eh, 2015 was just ho-hum... no big deal."
I mean big Changes (capital C, either good or bad) - overall, HUGE.
Luckily for me, I can say it's been good. (**knock on wood**)

Busted my butt all year, aaaaaand I'm back in California at warp speed
Time to get back into my books and writing.
Time to get more sleep and be healthier. 
(Yes, I can actually get 8 hours of sleep each night. Instead of only 4.)

Ultimately, I feel that this will end up changing the blog URL, description, theme, etc.
And maybe I can perk up the design a bit more (like I've wanted to do since... 2012).

My Goodreads challenge... Could I read 25 books before 2016?  No.
For the 2016 Goodreads challenge, I made it 10 books (it gets lower every year). SHAME. Remember when I thought I could read 50 books in one year, no sweat? LOLz. Nope. Maybe when I was 22 and late night reading was a major thang. I figured 10 books would allow for one book per month, but NOT November and December (because all schedules plummet into insanity after October 1).

Yes, my DNF philosophy is still cutthroat (hence, NO books in the 2015 challenge - and let's just say a LOT of books didn't make the move with me) and I'm even starting to think that I WON'T review/post about average books. Reviews and blog write ups will either serve as praise for AMAZING books that I loved or warnings against those that I hated. If it's just an average romance, it'll go to Goodreads with just an average rating.

NB: Every Mercury Retrograde in 2015 was just as bad... especially that one in May. Lots of ugliness, that one. But that one during October has been... interesting... Lots of reflecting on the past and previous ideas (such as the blog and revisiting writing)... it's been trippy. In a productive "get your act together" kind of way, not like a "prepare to get punished as I wreck your shit" kind of way a la the past retrogrades of 2015 and 2014.

Time to look forward into 2016:
Finish up reading/reviewing those manuscripts (on time)
Start drafting/revising more (is 1k words per week too much to ask?) for anything - not just fiction.
Utilize the library (and first, get a library card)
Updating/Revamping the blog (see above)


Six posts within a year does not a blog make...

Yeah, 2014 was not a good year.

Here's an accountability/confession recap:

My Goodreads challenge? Ha! Non-existent. But a silver lining? Yes.
This has forced me to be more cutthroat with my DNF philosophy. By December, and even into January 2015, I was DNF'ing books after the first two chapters because they weren't cutting it.

New DNF policy: I'm no longer going by any page limit - just quitting when it sucks
Life is too precious to waste reading a book that disappoints me, at any time in said book. 
My TBR pile is too large at this point for me to ever feel bad about DNF'ing another book.

More book-related drama: I still get snark comments about my Goodreads post on The Red Tent. Yes, I get it. You're upset. But my post remains. And I've insulted the book, not the author as a person. Which brings me to my next point...

I've seen so much on bullying reviews and author-hate during 2014. Ugh. Can everyone on both sides of this drama please grow up, harden up, and then carry on with your lives while being aware of the energy that you bring into the world? (I know, pot calling kettle blah blah blah.)

My health took a tiny bit of a nosedive. I would brag about getting six hours of sleep. I BADLY need to get back into shape. No, not for fitting into jeans (although that would be nice) but more for my heart health.

Work BS depleted ALL my energy to focus on worklife balance. Above all else, even the "blogging," this must be corrected for 2015. Lots has been absolutely crappy since 2012, but no more. Change is happening. Transformation is now.

So, let's see if I can try to resuscitate this blog almost halfway through 2015.

NB: Every Mercury Retrograde in 2014 hit me super hardcore (especially in October - sweet balls, that was fucking awful). And we're moving into another one pretty soon, so I want to kick things off on a better note.

Now for GOOD news:
  • I'm loving me some Outlander on Starz.
  • I also discovered Cedar Cove - yup, although it's a super inspy-cozy romance/soap series, I love it!
  • 2014 has forced me to say "no" to more so that I can say "yes" to what I truly want. **shrug**


Summer stuff, more writings for H&H, and general busy-ness

It's not Labor Day (yet), but I'm officially calling summer over. I blinked in May, and it flew right by me.

Now it's all muggy and rainy in D.C., traffic feels more crowded than usual, back-to-school shit everywhere... Bummer.

But the good news is, I've been trying to relax as much as possible, and I was able to write up some stuff for H&H!

How the Scoundrel Seduces by Sabrina Jeffries (Book #3 in The Duke's Men series) 

I am BEYOND thrilled to have reviewed/first-looked this book. I LOVED Sabrina Jeffries' Royal Brotherhood series (and the third book in that series is also on my keeper shelf (in paperback) and reading this book made me go back to buy books #1 & #2 of this series - and they were fantastic!) I'll be waiting for book #4 in early 2015.

No one does witty banter and magnetic chemistry like Jeffries - NO ONE.

Why Lords Lose their Hearts by Manda Collins (Book #3 in the Wicked Widows Series)

In other news, I have an upcoming post for Sheepsquatch - yes, you read that right. Also, I'm about five books behind schedule for the GoodReads - which is worlds better than where I was at this point in the year for last year's GoodReads challenge (Har!) - so I actually consider that to be a "good" thing. The three movies that have been burning up my PS3 all summer: Blue Jasmine, The Grand Budapest Hotel*, and Austenland. And I finally saw Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I think it's my new hate watch (instead of Girls).

Heh. And we've all seen that Fifty Shades trailer by now, right?

*Note: If you haven't seen The Grand Budapest Hotel by now, stop what you're doing and watch it immediately.


Braggy Brag Brag... Brag!

Sweet Filthy Boy (by Christina Lauren) is out today...

And someone's Heroes & Heartbreakers quote, from when she did a First Look for Beautiful Player, was put on the cover page...


Can't WAIT to read this one!